Br-121  2 strand bracelet with Authentic
indian head pennies,kingman turquoise and
assorted gems,crystals, buffalo nickel
clasp-sweet!    Sold! order one like
this???                   Price 135.
N-13 Assorted
gems,stones,  crystals, w/
large chunks of Kingman
and Chinese turquoise 48"of
Luscious!      Price 200.
Stephanie Rose Long -Jewelry - check back for updates!
B-57  assorted,stones,crystals,fwp, with
large chunks of Kingman turquoise,        
Price- 150
N-35 Turquoise, sterling
silver,dyed red coral,
amethyst   22"
Price 120.
N-76  Turquoise, dyed magnesite
slab, sterling silver 18"
Price 75.
please note all
measurements are
approximate, please
contact me for exact sizes.
Br-2  3 strands of blk onyx, glass,
swarovski and chinese crystal,  
kingman turq.Price 150......sweet!
SOLD! order one similar?
N-148  3 strands of richly dyed
Tibetan coral, with
millifiori,sterling,crystal and
Love, with earrings!
Price $210.
N-74 Rainbow assortment of
gems,pearls glass,
turquoise-w clasp 60"
Price- 150. ..  yummy!
BR-64 3 strands of Kingman turquoise,
mohave purple,fw pearls,amethyst
phosphosiderite, sw crystal,sterling concho   
price-160     gorgeous!!!!
N-32 Brown mag.slab,
amethyst,chinese crystal, 17"
Price $80  
B-9 , natural apple coral,dyed coral, assort
Price 160      Salsa!!yummy!

I strive to be as accurate in description as
possible, please call for more details. All
clasps are sterling,and all coins are
authentic. Each piece is handmade by
myself, and one-of-a kind. I guarantee all
of my work and will happy to
replace/repair anything that breaks, for
the lifetime of the piece.
B-107 NV Fox mine turquoise,
swarovski crystal, authentic American
pennies, sterling clasp Price 140..
B-20 Black onyx, assorted pearls,
Questions? call 775-217-4863 or
I accept all major credit cards by phone,
as well as paypal thru the site.
You are looking at my own ideas and
creations, If you have your own ideas, I
happily accept commissions on art,
painted purses or jewelry designs. Just
contact me by e-mail or
phone 775-217-4863 anytime
B-48 Dyed red coral, sterling, turquoise,
swarovski crystal. liberty dimes and TLC!
Price 80.
B-8  Delicious chunks of Kingman
turquoise,apple coral, mojave purple and
green with sw.crystals-----
Price- 120.
B-83 Natural apple coral nuggets,Kingman
turquoise, swarovski crystal, fw pearls,
Billy Mitchell button--
Still adding,.......lot's more to
come, don't see the perfect
piece yet? keep coming
N-86 59' of Handpainted,carved bone and
chunks of amethyst,mojave
purple,assort.gems and crystals
-elegant!        Price  150. Sold order
similar design?
N-68  30" of love, dyed coral, fw
pearls glass,  precious!  Price 85.
N-93  3 strands of luscious Kingman
turquoise and mohave green,swarovski
crystals make this one fabulous!! 20'   
Price  200.
N-96  3 strand golden
quartz,serpentine,swarovski crystals
21"    Price 80.
N-95 long single strand of assorted pink
freshwater pearls,with sw.crystals and
Kingman turquoise chips -SOLD, order a
similar piece!
N-92 Long single strand of assorted purple
freshwater pearls, amethyst,crystals,and Fox
mine turquoise chips  -lovely!   Price 165.
B-77 Bracelet of Mojave green, millifiori, fw
pearl, swarovski crystal, one of my personal
faves! Price 95.
B-62 bracelet of LOVE, red millifliori, fw
pearls, dyed coral  Price 75. SOLD! order
one similar?
N-97  three strands golden quartz, dyed
red coral, assort. crystals, millifliori
Price- 120.  delicious!
B-10 white freshwater pearls,
swarovski crystals, shells,bone and
gold quartz- very elegant!    Price 100.
SOLD! order one like it?
B-80 Rhodachrosite,phosphosiderite, fwpearls,
crystals,sterling concho, liberty dimes.. this one
is truly special.. Price160.
N85-- Very long 70", black onyx,blk glass,
with sections of colors, stones,crystals,shell,
fwpearls, glass hearts and heart sterling
clasp, this one goes with everything, can be
worn 2x or 3x around...Price 150.
N-98 Golden quartz,fw.pearls,assorted
crystals,shels,glass + fox mine turquoise--
very classy!!      Price 160.
N-52  22" assorted gems and crystals with
chinese turquoise ovals, sterling charms..
very nice and unique!!      Price 225.
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More Great Jewelry
B-149  Bracelet of dyed coral, millifiori,
crystal, 2 Indian pennies,1 Liberty dime,1
buffalo nickel and Indian head nickel clasp..
Price 110.
N-150 3 strands of shell,MOP,
sw.crystal,Freshwater pearls,golden quartz
and pure love!! w/ earrings to match.. lovely!
Price 140.
NS-223  Natural red  chunks with
kingman turquoise