Stephanie Rose Long - Pastel and Pencil Gallery Page 2
"Aunt Bessie"
14x17 pencil
"Tantrum" original pastel-
framed to 27x30     price 1800.
14X17 pencil NFS
"Uno" original pencil -
framed to 32x36       Price 1400.
"Tequila and Clyde"  SOLD
"Dancin in the Snow" Pencil 20x26
original SOLD * available in giclee .
"Ropin Steer"  17x23  original
pastel         original SOLD
*giclees available.
"En el Bosalito" 20x28 pastel
Original SOLD     * Giclees available
"LuLu" 24x28 original pastel SOLD
"Shortcake" original pastel framed
to 32x36    price 1800.
"Smoky" original pastel- framed 34"x38
 Price 950.
"BigBoy" 22X26 original  
pastel1400. SOLD
no prints avail.
"SunnyMac" 17x24 framed to 27x33
original pastel  SOLD
"Miss Maybeline" 18x24 original pastel