Stephanie Rose Long - Pastel and Pencil Gallery
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"Karalena" 27x32 framed.
original and giclees
"Talkin' Back'' 18X26 Pencil+ pastel
Giclee edition of 25 avail. 11X14 Price 175.
"Buffalo of a Different color" 18x24
framed to 26x33
Original pastel
"Rodeo Star" 18x24 framed to 28x35
original pastel to Reno Rodeo poster 2009   
no prints available
"Tough enuff to wear pink" 19x21 framed
to 24x27 original pastel
"Black Power II"  original pastel SOLD
available in giclee any size
"Punchy" 20x26 original pastel,SOLD
Giclees available same size
"Charlie&Buddy" 20x24 framed to 25x30
original pastel
"Ellie" 22x29 plus frame original pastel
"Learning Patience" 16x20 + frame original
pencil 750. Giclees avail. same size, ed.of 50
w/ 20 hand-colored new originals
"Loading Shoot" 26x28 plus frame original
"Mummas Doll" 20x26 plus frame,
original pastel
"Sassy&Sally" 20x26 original pastel
Price 1750.
"Pegasus" Framed-27x30
original pastel  
"Sebastian" original pastel
framed- 30x38           
"Torrid" 19x21 framed  to 27x30
original pastel
"Twister" 19x21 framed to 27x30
original pastel
Lg giclees available
"Tantrum" original pastel-
framed to 27x30    
"Moxie" original pastel
framed to 36x40  
Most  of these images are
available in open edition
8x10 ink jet prints
price $40.
"Poplars" original pastel framed 20 x26"
"Beauty in the Beast" original pastel
framed to 26x32"  
"The Trainer"
original pastel
avail. in giclee
original lpastel    .
avail. in lmtd.ed. giclee
"Joker" original pastel  18x17
Price 3500.  
giclees on paper, and  canvas .
"Diamoro" original pastel 15x23 .
giclees avail. paper any size
and on canvas
"Californios" original pastel 18x24
Sold avail. in giclee, paper any size  
and on canvas up to 26x36
"Nicky" original pastel SOLD available
in giclee any size and
14x18 poster 25$
"The Eyes are the Window to the Soul"
"Fjord Powerstroke" original pastel- Sold
giclees available any size
"Scotts Horse" 18x24 original pastel
giclees available any size