Stephanie Rose Long -Jewelry - check back for updates!
N-103 Black obsidian,assorted
stones,crystal and pearls, with authentic
Indian head pennies  Price 225. SOLD Order
this design?
N-102 Black obsidian, amethyst, asorted
glass, pearls and crystals. Price 160.
N-101 Rhodochrosite,rhodonite,fw.pearls and
who isnt pretty in pink!
Price 130.
N-106 Kingman turquoise with assorted
gem,pearls and crystals- seriously nice,
and goes with everything!  Price 210.
N-148  3 strands of Tibetan Dyed Red
coral with millifiori,crystals and sterling.
with earrings ...Price 210.
B-149 Bracelet of Dyed Red Coral, millifiori,
assorted Authentic American coins and
sterling... Price 110.
N-152 Kingman turquoise,nuggets,chips and
white freshwater pearl entertwined in
elegance! with ears.Price 175.
N-153 Paua shell, MOP, white feshwater
pearl, crystals. Pendant of PAUA shell and
sterling. w/earrings Price 150.
very special!
Calsilica, with assorted crystals.. this is an
amazing stone, and goes with everything!! w/
earrings of choice Price 175.  truly unique!